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10 Essential Kitchen Tools Every Cook Should Own

  • 5 min read

Are you a foodie who loves to whip up delicious recipes? Or perhaps you’re the mum or dad of an adorable hungry tribe and often need to cook large meals?

Whatever the case may be, with the right kitchen tools, you’ll be able to easily create delicious meals and feed a crowd in no time.

While you might not need fancy equipment such as the latest egg yolk separator or a five-in-one chopper, kitchen essentials such as a good set of chef knives can save you precious time and help you become a better cook.

So, without further ado, here’s our selection of the top 10 kitchen tools you need to have in your kitchen.

A High-Quality Set Of Knives

Set of Knives

[Source: unsplash]

While there are tons of specialty knives out there, you'll be able to prep most foods in the kitchen with a chef knife, a serrated knife, and a paring knife. Chef’s knives are extremely versatile and can be used to cut vegetables, fruit, fish, and even meat. A premium chef’s knife regularly sharpened will last you forever and allow you to save precious time while creating dishes. Serrated knives are great for cutting bread and slicing sandwiches. Lastly, paring knives are best used for precision tasks such as slicing small fruits or mincing ingredients such as onions.

These three kitchen utensils can really make the difference between an average meal and a five-star dish!

A Kitchen Scale 

kitchen scale

 [Source: pexels]

A kitchen scale might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the most essential kitchen tools. Yet, this kitchen utensil is one of the most important when it comes to creating outstanding dishes. 

Why is that? 

Because it can give you exact ingredient measurements and allow the precision you need for superior cooking. From cake, bread, and pastry making to fermented and elaborated dishes, a kitchen scale will take your cooking skills to the next level. 

Besides, it is also great for people wanting to track their food intake.

A Microplane

A microplane

[Source: pexels]

Microplanes are the ultimate kitchen tool in the chef’s toolbox as they allow any cook to easily add a zest of flavour to any recipe, from lemon peels for a cardamom cake to grated parmesan to a pasta dish. This convenient kitchen utensil is the perfect balance between functionality and convenience.

Kitchen Tongs

Kitchen thongs

[Source: pexels]

We couldn’t write an article about the best kitchen tools without mentioning one of the most versatile and useful kitchen utensils; kitchen tongs. Every cook should own kitchen tongs because they act as a cook’s arm extension allowing you to easily flip or turn foods such as meat or fried vegetables while cooking or evenly mix up salad ingredients in a bowl. They can also come in handy for removing food from boiling water and handling hot foods from the grill, oven, or barbecue. 

Wooden Chopping Board

Chopping board

[Source: unsplash]

Wooden chopping boards are eco-friendly, durable, and aesthetically pleasing, making for a beautiful decor piece in your kitchen. They’re perfect for cutting fruit, veggies, raw meat, fish, and bread.

Your chopping board should be big enough to handle thechoppingof various foods but small enough to fit in your sink so you can easily wash it. 

Note that the best wooden chopping boards are made of hardwoods such as maple wood, so keep that in mind next time you’re shopping for one.

Wooden Spatula

Wooden spatula

[Source: unsplash]

Whether it’s a wooden spatula, a  wooden spoon, or both, investing in this kind of kitchen tool is essential to step up your cooking game. Not only are wooden spatulas essential to stir food, but they also feel great in the hand and allow for more control than their metal counterparts. Besides, they can help you remove sticky bits or scrape up caramelised bits from a pan without damaging it.

Whether you’re sautéing potatoes or veggies, frying eggs, or flipping juicy meat, a wooden spatula will help you accomplish the job seamlessly! 

A Strainer

A strainer

[Source: pexels]

Strainers contain small holes that allow cooks to easily separate liquids from 

solids. They are versatile and can be used to handle a wide variety of kitchen tasks, from straining pasta or rice water and removing lumps from flour to draining marinated ingredients. 

And guess what? 

They can also be used to cook the perfect poached eggs, achieve the perfect puree consistency and create a dreamy powdered effect for your sweet creations. For the ultimate convenience, check out our  strainer scoop



[Source: pexels]

The great news is that unless you’re planning to entertain a lot and feed a crowd regularly, you don’t need a collection of saucepans. Two will do the job just fine. 

Opt for both a large and medium-sized saucepan so that you can create any dish you like. Small or medium-sized saucepans are great for whipping up sauces or cooking rice. 

A large saucepan will be the perfect kitchen tool for cooking pasta or dishes in larger bulk. Now, here’s a chef’s secret about what makes a great saucepan; the heavier the bottom part is, the more heat it will conduct, allowing you to cook your food evenly and prevent you from burning dishes.

A Frying Pan

Frying Pan

[Source: unsplash]

Frying pans are a versatile kitchen tool, and their use spans way beyond simply frying foods. And as such, they should absolutely feature on your list of essential kitchen tools. From cooking duck breast and searing a delicious rack of lamb, to making crisp and airy pancakes, your frying pan will allow you to cook foods evenly, create flavourful dishes, and delight your guests’ taste buds.

Pro tip: if you want to cook like a real chef, purchase an ovenproof frying pan with a metal handle and a heavy non-stick base. 

A Rapid Defrost Tray

Defrost tray

[Source: flickr]

Ever found yourself frustrated as you realised an hour before dinner that you forgot to take the meat out of the freezer?

We’ve all been there!

And even though you can use your microwave or even cook frozen meat, you won’t obtain the same meaty flavours and juicy texture as if you had taken your meat out of the freezer hours before cooking it. That’s where  rapid defrost trays come into play! With these handy kitchen gadgets, you will be able to defrost your meat, seafood, or fish in as little as 20 minutes while preserving the flavours and texture. 

Need More Inspiration To Create The Perfect Kitchen Toolbox?

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