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8 Organisation Ideas For a Tidy Home

  • 4 min read

Do you live in a small apartment and need smart organisation tips?

Or perhaps your house is getting cluttered, and you’re struggling to find things. 

Organising your home can seem daunting. 

Yet, it doesn’t have to be. With a little bit of inspiration, a zest of creativity, and a dose of motivation, you can turn your cluttered and disorganised home into a place so organised, Marie Kondo, the ultimate queen of organisation herself would be impressed.

Sound like what you need?

Here are eight organisation ideas to help you tidy your home and turn it into a clean and relaxing space in no time.

Use Vertical Door Organisers


The Decor House

Vertical door organisers are one of the best organisation accessories to help you maximise your space. The idea is to purchase a foldable one that you can easily unfold and hang on the back of a closet door, and store away when you don’t need it. Vertical door organisers are the perfect organisation item for small items such as shoes or cleaning supplies.

Also, if your vertical door organiser is waterproof, you could also use it for your shower and organise your bathroom supplies while saving space.

Install A Behind-The-Door Spice Rack

Spice Rack

Jen Woodhouse

If you have a knack for cooking, chances are you have a collection of herbs and spices somewhere in your kitchen or pantry. You might even have duplicates! And unless you have a big home and a dedicated spice cabinet, you could be struggling to organise your spice shelf or corner. 

The solution is to create a dreamy behind-the-door spice rack. You can either use the wall or the back of your pantry door or if you don’t have a pantry, install it in one of your kitchen cabinets. 

The result is a beautifully organised spice rack allowing you to clearly see the amount and types of spices you have left, reducing duplicates, and promoting a clutter-free kitchen ;)

Note that you can also install  sliding organiser drawers on the walls of your kitchen or pantry cabinet.

Buy an Earring Holder

Earing holder 

Bon Maxie

Earring holders, whether on an easel display stand holder or mounted to the wall, are a genius and inexpensive home organisation item that can really help you maximise your space. 

The great thing about earring holders is that you can create one  yourself using inexpensive frames, metal mesh, and even corks or repurposing certain items like a wooden board to give an organic feel to your space. 

For a more elevated look, buy a carefully crafted jewellery holder specifically designed to be mounted behind a door or on a wall or placed on an easel in your room as a statement piece. Not only will an earring holder keep your jewellery organised, help prevent tangled earrings and maximise your drawer and closet space, but it will also inject personality into your room.

Invest In Shelf Dividers

Shelf Divider


Placing some shelf dividers in your cupboards or closets can really take your home organisation game to the next level. This easy trick will allow you to easily organise different closets and cupboards in your home and create multi-purpose storage areas. 

For instance, let’s imagine you have an empty shelf in your wardrobe. You’d like to store your bags,  jeans and a few books. If you use two shelf dividers, you will be able to create three distinct spaces (looking like cubby spaces) allowing you to store your bags on one side, place your jeans neatly folded in the middle, and your books vertically displayed resting against the wardrobe wall in the third cubby space.  

Not only is it a great way to optimise your cabinet, wardrobe, and closet space, but it will also make finding items much easier.  

Place Over-The-Door Storage Racks In Your Kitchen

Storage Racks


At The Decor House, we love smart storage and clever organisation products that make life easier and, well, more organised!

That’s why we’ve sourced a sturdy and convenient  over-the-door storage rack that can easily be mounted on your kitchen cabinet doors or under your cabinets. It features two large compartments to neatly store your chopping board and cheese board and a smaller tea towel compartment for a seamless kitchen look.

Use Magazine Holders To Store Your Canned Food

Canned Food


Canned foods can take up a lot of space in your pantry and quickly make it look like a messy room. That’s because they all have different sizes, and even if you organise them by size, every time you look for one and grab something, you might end up with a disorganized canned food shelf or cabinet. 

So, to prevent this from happening, use a magazine holder flipped on its side or a storage rack to neatly store your cans. This will allow you to divide up your cans based on the type of food and can size. Also, we love the magazine folder idea because it creates a ‘’vending machine’’ effect when grabbing a can as a new one gently comes rolling down in its place.

Hang Damage-Free Mop and Broom Grippers

Damage-Free Mop


Whether you have kids or pets or even both, you might be finding yourself constantly sweeping the floor to remove food items after everyone has eaten. 

So, to make it easier for you to clean after your family or guests and make your house look more organised, why not use a damage-free broom and mop gripper placed on the inside of a closet door? 

Having a designated spot for your broom and mop will really help make your space look neat and tidy.  And not only will it save tremendous space, but it will also make your cleaning equipment more easily accessible.  

Place a Utensil Hanging Rack In Your Kitchen

Utensil Rack

The Decor House

Utensil hanging racks combine beauty and functionality and are the perfect organisation accessory for your kitchen to hang anything from large spoons and pots to tea towels and cutting boards. And the great thing about these racks is that they are versatile and can also be used to maximise your space in your bathroom, hallway or children’s rooms. 

With utensil hanging racks, organising jackets and towels will become easier than ever. 

For an elevated aesthetic, opt for a simple and sleek rack like our  utensil hanging rack.

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