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10 Ways to Decorate a Blank Wall

  • 4 min read

Are you stuck figuring out how to decorate a blank wall at home? No matter if you live in a big country home or are cozying up in a small city apartment, at some point, most of us face the challenge of making a big, bare wall less boring.

In this article, we’ll walk through 10 ways you can decorate a blank wall, so you can bring more life and personality into your home.

1. Mount a mirror (or two)

Want to make your room look bigger? Then try hanging a large mirror on your wall. It will create an illusion of the space seeming bigger than it really is. 

You can also play around with different mirror shapes and sizes. If you’re digging unique and eye-catching decor, try checking out this adhesiveDIY Deer Mirror Decal. It comes in 5 different sizes and three different colours, so you can customise it for your home. 

DIY Deer Mirror Decal

2. Create a photo grid

There’s nothing better than looking at wall art that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. A great way to personalise your home is by creating a photo grid with pictures of friends, family, and any furry friends you may have.

Check out thisMetal Organisation Grid orHeart-Shaped DIY Photo Grid to start your personalised photo wall.

Hanging Photo Grid

3. Make it functional and organised

Do you have a blank hallway wall that needs some love? Then consider filling out the space with someshelves,Metal Grid Baskets, or this5 Pocket Hanging Organiser

Organisers, baskets, and shelves in the hallway are great assets to your home. It will enable you to keep things you use a lot handy. But, your walls will also be much more decorative to look at when entering your home.

Metal Grid Basket

3. Make your own art gallery

This is where you can bring a lot of life to your apartment or house. You can create a whole vibe by adding the right series of art to your blank walls.

There’s an infinite amount of ways to put art pieces together. You can use many small posters, mix and match different-sized paintings, or create one massive centrepiece.

Whatever you feel most drawn to,click here to get inspired by various fun, artsy, natural, fashionable, and creative art series. 

Golden Leaf Art Series

4. Use hanging picture frames

If you’re not vibing with making your own art gallery, an easy way to spice up the walls is by usingHanging Picture Frames.

Then you can pick your own posters or private photos to showcase on the walls.

Hanging Picture Frames

5. Put up some stickers

If you’re after a fun twist to the more traditional decor, try checking out thisFlower Wall Sticker,DIY Wall Sticker Clock, or theseKitchen Sticker Decals

Stickers are an easy, fun, and decorative way to cover up a bare wall. You can also create your favourite wall quote withStick on Letters.

Bon Appetit Kitchen Decal

6. Create a mood with lighting

Nothing sets a mood as the way lights do. Live out your 1980s retro dreams with any of theseneon lights, or design the perfect spotlight in your living room with theseLight Up Letters

Neon Lights - Lightning

7. Hang some decorative ornaments

If you’re not into the big, bold, and colourful, a more subtle way to ace your decor skills is by adding smaller decor pieces to complete your walls. You can adddecorative hooks,or if you’re into a bohemian style, you’ll love thisMacrame Wall Decor

Macrame Wall Decor

8. Attach a wall clock

If you’re looking for an enchanting centrepiece to add to your main living room, an aesthetic wall clock will do the trick!

Wall clocks are not only great to look at it. They will also ensure you can keep an eye on the time.

Click hereto check out a wide range of decorative, centrepiece-worthy wall clocks.

Pastel Wall Clock

9. DIY hanging wreaths

There’s no better feeling than creating something for yourself or together as a family. If you have kids, take the opportunity to spend some quality time with them by makinghomemade wreaths together. Afterwards, you have a personal decor piece you can hang on the wall that reminds you of a great time. 

DIY Hanging Wreath

10. Kids’ wall accessories

Trying todecorate a kids’ wall? Then check out thesecool wall decals andheight charts. They will add a fun and engaging piece of art to their room.

If you have a child that’s either scared of the dark or loves anything galaxy, make sure to check out these funGlow in the Dark Wall Decals. It’s an entertaining project for the kids to choose where to place them and is a cheap way to fill out some of that empty wall space. 

Kid's Height Chart

Final thoughts

Whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist, decorating your blank walls will bring much more life and personality to your living space.

From adding art to spicing up the mood with lights, creating an environment that makes you feel good is the most essential part of home decor.

Mix and match a few different pieces and watch your home blossom in a whole new way!

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