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I'm Moving into a New Home, Now What? - 5 Tips to Complete Your Home

  • 4 min read

Whether you have had a new home built or you are moving into a pre-existing home, it is always exciting to finally get those keys and move into your new property. Getting all your furniture in place, putting up the curtains, putting cups and glasses away, and putting the sheets and blankets on your bed start to make your new house feel like a home.

It literally feels like there are millions of things to do to get your home to look and feel the way you desire, but there are always those small details that can turn a good experience of coming home every night into a great one. These are the things that sometimes people neglect but really make a big difference. Here are five tips you want in completing your home.

Find the Right Doorknobs and Handles

This is often the most neglected part about moving into a new home. This is especially true if you are purchasing a pre-existing home. People just accept whatever doorknobs and handles are on cabinets, doors, windows, and drawers.

Do not accept this, however. This is your home, and you want to make it look and feel precisely the way that best suits your needs. These are items you are going to touch dozens of times every day, so make them something that really fits your style and provides a look you like.

In addition, replacing doorknobs just makes good security sense. Previous owners or even the construction company may have keys to your house. Protect yourself by putting on new doorknobs and locks so that you can feel more secure in your home. 

Cupboard Door Handles

Hidden Nooks and Crannies

There are lots of corners, nooks, and crannies around your house. Maybe it is a small countertop under a cabinet next to the sink in your bar. It could be a ledge heading down the stairs. It may be a small space next to your fireplace.

Whatever the case, it is likely that you have dozens of spaces like this. They are places where the furniture does not belong, and you don’t have enough space for appliances or other items. However, they look barren. Spruce up your home by adding some accessories to these areas. Maybe it is a flowerpot or an antique statue. Maybe there is room for stuffed animals, or you can use the ledge for holiday/seasonal decorations. Look for those items that will provide the final missing pieces that will turn your house into the showcase you desire.

Reading Area

The Front/Back Verandah

If you are a person who spends a lot of time outside sitting on the verandah or grilling in the backyard, then accessorise this. First, make sure that it is well painted, has the proper landscaping around it, and that you have hanging flowers or decorations on the railing or on the walls.

Put a rocking chair or two out on the front verandah, or maybe a swing. In the backyard, get a quality barbecue, and put in some lounge furniture or an outdoor table. Make sure there is a covering, such as a large umbrella, to ensure that you have a safe space from the hot sun. Let the outdoors be just as much fun as the indoors.

Hanging Deck Chair

The Lighting

The lighting is another one of those areas that are often neglected by new homeowners. Most settle for the lighting fixtures that are already in the house. However, this simply does not make sense.

If you are a person who likes to read in your den, in bed, or while sitting in the living room, have a lamp available in these areas that you can use specifically for you to read. Do not get caught up in using the overhead light in your living room. Find table lamps that provide enough light but also do not overwhelm you with light.

Lighting also includes sunlight coming in through your windows. If you know you are going to have an issue where there is too much like during certain portions of the day, make sure you get curtains that limit the light coming through the window. If you enjoy the amount of light that’s coming through in the evening time, then make sure your curtains allow you to get the full effect of the sunlight.

Rounded Cube Candles

Start Your Cutlery/Dishes Anew

Your new home is a new beginning. This is a great time to commemorate that moment with new servingware and cutlery. While you may have great dishes that you have had for years, it might be time to put those aside. Find patterns and colours that really augment your new home and demonstrate the excitement you have about moving into your new house.

This is a new beginning, and you want dishes, cutlery, and other kitchen accessories that demonstrate your new beginning. This is really true of many aspects of your house. Let the things you get make a statement about your excitement about being in your new home. This is an excellent opportunity to start anew. Grab it and take hold.

Servingware - Plates & Cutlery

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