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Stuck In A Decor Rut? Here Are 5 Awesome Home Decoration Ideas

Do you feel like your home could do with a makeover but have no inspiration when it comes to upgrading your space?

Ah, the decoration rut. 

Something interior designers fear and homeowners often experience!

Your home should be like a retreat or a sanctuary where you get to relax and reset far from the hustle and bustle of modern life. 

So, if you’re not feeling inspired by your space anymore and definitely don’t feel relaxed in your home, here are five home decor ideas to help you spice things up and create a dream space you’ll love spending time in.

Create An Accent Wall

Let’s start with one of our favourite tips to easily enhance the look of your living area and bedrooms; creating an accent wall. 

An accent wall is a perfect way to add interest to a room by giving it depth and texture. And not only can an accent wall instantly make a statement and turn your dull space into a sophisticated and glamorous room, but it’s also very easy to execute. 

From nature-inspired or botanical wallpaper in your living room to an upholstered wall in your bedroom or a textured shower wall in your bathroom, they’re plenty of ways to turn your home into a beautiful and interesting space using accent walls.

And if you’re looking to paint a specific wall to create contrast in a room, add a pop of colour and make a statement, sage green, earthy pinks, and darker moody hues are all the rage right now!

Accent wall

Add Sculptural Furniture Pieces To Your Home

Talking about making a statement, sculptural furniture is on trend at the moment, and for good reason. Whether you pick designer chairs for your dining table, a gorgeous sculptural coffee table for your living room, or an interesting and comfortable round sofa, shaped furniture can really help upgrade your interior and give it an artistic feel.

This could be particularly suited to your interior if you’re not big on colour, patterns, and textures. A few sculptural furniture pieces scattered throughout your home will add interest to each one of your rooms while allowing you to keep a minimalistic, sleek, and clean look for your interior.

And this trend is transitioning into home decor items as well with stunning shaped mirrors or other decor elements. So, if you don’t want to spend on new furniture, you can still add interest to your home by adding sculptural decor items in each room.

Sculptural furniture

Treat Your Windows

Windows are often overlooked by homeowners when it comes to styling their homes. Yet, window coverings are an easy way to add warmth, depth, texture, and interest to a space while making the perfect finishing touch. 

Now, once only considered a practical home decor element to block the light out, window covering’s role is now stylish in addition to being functional. 

These days, it’s all about capturing light and providing a seamless transition between outdoor and indoor spaces.

For instance, vertical blinds and sheer curtains can allow you to adjust the light that comes in during summer while adding a sophisticated feel to your room. What’s more, layering two curtain sets made of different fabrics can give your room a warmer and cozier feel for the winter months.

Window treats

Infuse Your Space With Organic Elements

Organic elements such as plants and indoor trees, wool or cotton fabrics, and ceramic items can help breathe some life into a bare or dull room while turning it into a relaxing oasis. And it’s also a great way to bring the outdoors in!

Some of the best ways to create organic and nature-inspired spaces include:

  • Leaving one of your brick walls in its natural state to showcase its raw beauty and act as a focal point
  • Showcasing your ceramics on pretty shelving
  • Incorporating a  round glass jar as a decoration element for your coffee table
  • Adding wool and cotton pillows to your sofa
  • Purchasing a stunning rattan chair for your living room
  • Adding plenty of plants throughout your house to enhance your home interior and create a peaceful atmosphere. 

Plants, in particular, can add a pop of colour to your space while helping you create a theme for your rooms. For instance, adding indoor olive and lemon trees to your living room will give it a Mediterranean vibe, while banana trees are great if you want to create a tropical feel. 

And the best thing about plants is that they’ll also help purify the air of your home. 

Organic elements

Go Bold With A 70’s Inspired Interior

If bold patterns, rattan lamps and chairs, and groovy retro couches are your thing, you’re in luck. 

The 70’s retro style is back! 

Styling your home the 70’s way means mixing and matching wallpaper and floor colors and patterns, using psychedelic design, incorporating rattan and wicker everywhere, adding some  macrame pieces to your rooms, and buying bright appliances. 

You can really have fun with this, so unleash the creative within you and don’t hold back ;)

Looking for amazing decor pieces and accessories to create your dream interior? 

At  The Decor House, we specialise in sourcing unique items to enhance our clients' homes. Whether you’re after something neutral but sophisticated or something bold, we have what you need. So don’t hesitate to browse our website for more inspiration or give us a call! 

Retro interior

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